As we plan our 2nd Encuentro de Vaqueros Ride and Mens Weekend I am reminded that this is actually the 30th year of this ride celebrating the western heritage that we are so fortunate to have in our own back yard in Monterey and surrounding counties.. We have visited many beautiful ranches throughout this part of California and have spent many hours on horseback and around the “Daggett Pit” campfire. Many great meals have been shared with old friends and new ones and many tall tales have been told. If laughter is the best medicine, then we have all come away from our weekend as much healthier individuals.


This year’s ride carries on a tradition that started 30 years ago as the SVMHF Men’s Ride. A little longer in the tooth but as ready as we have always been to chase cattle, tell stories, eat great food and share a drink or two with friends.

Come and be a part of this great tradition whether you have a horse or not. I can promise that you will have a great time and come away with some with some fun stories, and a sore stomach from laughter and a bit richer for sharing a part of our western heritage as well as contributing to some very worthy organizations

Terrence Pershall
Encuentro de Vaqueros

A 501C.3 Non Profit Corp